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Hey yall!

I'm looking for someone with some photography skills, a little on the edgier or rougher side, who might be available to help with a portrait project in NO. Happy to pay for your skills and time, of course! Please drop me a line at nicholas_brody(at)nops(dot)k12(dot)la(dot)us or call me 503.989.6230!

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Hey y'all:

There's a full-size mattress up for grabs out front of my house @ 2634 SE 48th (between Clinton and Division). It isn't a beauty, but it'll do. No need to comment - just come get it.

comics for sale

So I've got to sell off most of my graphic novels, which means you, comics nerd, get to buy really good comics for pretty damn cheap.  I already sold off all the good Batman and Adrian Tomine stuff, so hop to it!  Reply here or drop me a line at brody@reed.edu and their yours, first come first served.

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QUEST deadline extended to tomorrow afternoon due to extra free time on editors' part! Get 'em in by 3 if you can.
We could currently use some Halloween-related material, but will take a look at anything.

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"The first recorded instance [of Roman officials learning and conducting business in Greek] enjoys special notoriety. L. Postumius Megellus, Roman ambassador to Tarentum in 282, conducted negotiations in Greek, a language whose finer points unfortunately escapred him. His slips in that toungue called forth jeers and insults from the Tarentines, one of whose members, to show his contempt, even defecated on Postumius' toga. The confrontation served to justify Rome's war on Tarentum."
-Gruen, Erich. Culture and Identity in Republican Rome. (Cornell 1992) 229-230.

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saw the mountain goats by myself and called for going to georgia kindly and they played a soft and slow version.
saw the epoxies two nights ago, too, and danced so so hard. rebecca and i are dancing champs. the only person who came close to topping us was a man trying his very hardest to rock out next to us (it wasn't very full), and then only because he must have been pushing sixty.
it is hot as balls and argus doesn't even bother trying to move anymore unless i entice him with very cold water.